Leopold Leisser, the gay prostitute who says he met Shrien Dewani 3 times and received £1100.  He claims Dewani told him  he "needed to find a way out" of the marriage.

Leopold Leisser, the gay prostitute, who says he met Shrien Dewani 3 times and received £1100. A UK Court in London was told Leisser claims Dewani told him he “needed to find a way out” of the marriage.

Jeremy Vine says “medical records from just days before the honeymoon show the couple were actively trying for a baby”, making reference to the time before Shrien Dewani and Anni left for South Africa.

But in his tape recorded interview, Shrien Dewani told The Sun “One of the big talks we had on honeymoon was about starting a family.”

So either a couple is “actively” trying for a baby while they were in the UK or they just starting having a “big talk” about it when they got to South Africa. They could not have been doing both – either Jeremy Vine is lying or Shrien Dewani is lying. They cant both be right.

The couple were only married for 13 days, before Anni was murdered.

The Daily Mail on 16 September 2013 reported: “Last night it emerged that the programme had also obtained medical records that apparently suggested the couple were trying for a family.”

Is the claim by Panorama of “actively trying for a baby” simply to detract from allegations of the murder motive being that Shrien Dewani had wife Anni killed to hide his closet gay lifestyle? The attempted  detraction is enhanced with a prolonged picture of a smiling Dewani couple hugging on the sofa.

A UK Court was told that a gay prostitute calling himself German Master, real name Leopold Leisser, had given police a statement that he had met Dewani three times in London and Birmingham hotels and received £1,100 in total from him. He also says Shrien Dewani told him he “needed to find a way out” of the marriage. Leisser is listed as a prosecution witness against Dewani.

See:  “Dewani ‘needed way out’, extradition hearing told”

It has been reported that Dewani did not sleep with his wife on their wedding night. Channel 4’s Dispatches reported that Anni “cried herself to sleep alone on a sofa on their wedding night”.

Anni’s sister Ami has said that Shrien Dewani did not consummate the marriage on the honeymoon either. “Her sister spoke out in the documentary and said that she and Anni found it strange that Dewani did not consummate their marriage during their honeymoon. She stated her sister was upset and afraid that she wasn’t attractive enough for her new husband.”

There is also this story published in the Daily Star newspaper about a 53 year old male parliamentary worker who claims to have had a series of sex sessions with Shrien Dewani, and which was also referred to by the Channel 4 Dispatches programme:  http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/243516/Sensational-claims-in-honeymoon-death-case

It is clear from the report in the Daily Mail newspaper that Panorama did not rely on the police docket alone for their material.  So where did they obtain these private “medical records” from which they claim to have seen?

In July 2011, court reports for the extradition hearing showed Dewani was undergoing testosterone treatment for more than 2 years ie. before he and Anni got married. It is not known why he was having this treatment when he was not previously married. So records of such treatment would in no way prove what Vine claims.

The Panorama programme has insisted they did not involve Shrien Dewani or his family in the programme’s making. This would mean Dewani did not give consent to release his medical records. If they were obtained and broadcast without his consent, someone must have broken the law to do so.

The NHS Information Governance protocols and the Data Protection Act are clear on such matters.

So, if not from Dewani, where else and how did Panorama get private patient “medical records” from, relating to the couple?

Panorama’s questionable claim is further highlighted by their pre-broadcast clip (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDjDPZLrCkw). In the clip at 1m35sec Vine says medical records  “suggested they were keen to have a baby” but in the final broadcast Panorama programme Jeremy Vine turned this to “the couple were actively trying for a baby”.

“Keen” is to intend or plan something. “Actively try” is to enact something. Vine can’t make his mind up what his alleged medical records show.

The next point is that the human menstrual cycle lasts typically 28 days. Anni was married to Shrien Dewani for about 2 weeks. We know from previous reports that Dewani did not have sex with Anni before marriage.  So how does Jeremy Vine substantiate his claim that the couple were “actively trying for a baby” when Dewani himself has admitted they only talked about it?

No supporting evidence from Vine, no source provided. Just complete vagueness. But thats normal for Jeremy Vine on this Panorama show.  Its only witnesses against Shrien Dewani who need to be held to strict proof, according to them.

Panorama has 3 choices now:  Either (1) they admit they broke the law by illegally obtaining private medical records, or (2) they admit they are liars as no medical records exist to prove the point in their phrasing, or (3) they admit they are liars for denying working with murder suspect Shrien Dewani or his people to produce their biased programme.

The former choice will result in being referred to the Police. The latter 2 choices will result in confirming their position in the hall of shame.


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