How can "secret Police files" exist for a man whose trial has not even been listed in Court yet?

How can “secret police files” exist for a man whose trial has not even been listed in court yet?

Panorama have referred to “secret police files” they have somehow obtained from South Africa in order to make their programme.

Our belief is this is not the case file against Shrien Dewani. It is the case file that was used at the trial of murderer Mngeni, and Panorama obtained the file from Mngeni’s lawyer. Mngeni’s lawyer was funded by some unknown person. Could it be possible that Shrien Dewani and Panorama are working together with the lawyer of the man who pulled the trigger on Anni?

Dewani’s trial has not even been listed yet. He is fighting extradition. So the final prosecution file against Dewani has not even been disclosed to any lawyer as yet.

Panorama claimed their investigation centred around the material in the police docket. They used this claim as an excuse for excluding Anni’s family from involvement in the programme. They claimed they were focused just on the content of the docket, and thats why Anni’s family need not be included in the programme making.

Yet we have found that Panorama used material to suit their agenda from outside the docket. How else would they get information to support a claim that “the couple were trying for a baby”? How else would they have “learnt” that the money hidden in the car was for a “surprise helicopter trip” that Shrien Dewani “had told people about before he was named a suspect”?

It appears highly likely therefore that the Panorama team did obtain material from murder suspect Shrien Dewani, his family or people associated with him in preparing their programme. But they repeatedly denied the murder victim’s family, the Hindocha family, from involvement in the programme.

Other Available Sources
The Dewanis have made numerous public statements and given interviews on the record to a number of newspapers. The main ones include:

Preyen Dewani:

The Sun, Nick Parker, interview with Shrien Dewani

Dan Newling, Daily Mail, interview with Shrien Dewani

Independent on Sunday, interview with Dewani family

These publicly available articles reveal numerous facts, highlight inconsistencies and the changing nature of Dewani’s stories. But Panorama failed to highlight this in their documentary for the murder accused husband.

Shrien Dewani’s signed statement to Police also reveals vital facts about the case, such as his claim that he would not be able to identify the carjackers. An expert analysis of his statement can be seen here:

Further material was available from an investigation carried out by Channel 4 Dispatches and numerous other broadcast and published interviews with the friends and family of Shrien Dewani, and the family members of murder victim Anni Hindocha. Panorama failed to draw on this authoritative material to corroborate their own material.


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