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Dan Newling, a journalist with connections to the Dewani’s hired media fixer Max Clifford, is listed in the credits of the BBC Panorama programme.

Dan Newling was the first journalist to interview Shrien Dewani after the murder. He started by writing a series of objective articles. On 13 December 2010, Newling and Tom Kelly even wrote an article in the Daily Mail highlighting the discrepancies in Shrien Dewani’s initial stories.

But Newling has also written articles for the Dewani’s paid media consultant Max Clifford, and those articles display a very different bias. The first of those articles appeared in the Daily Mail of 23rd November, 2010, the very next day after Max Clifford was initially hired by the Dewanis, and was based on a covert recording of Anni’s father, Vinod Hindocha, at the offices of Max Clifford. That article was headlined: “Father of shot bride: I Love Shrien like a son”, and its existence suggests that Dan Newling has been associated with Max Clifford from that time on.

But from early 2o11, the tone and focus of Dan Newling’s article appear to have changed. He became a vehement proponent of Shrien Dewani’s media campaign and was actively peddling articles to promote the same.

Take a look at his articles and note the apparent change in stance since the 13 December 2010 article:

What is Dan Newling’s explanation for his sudden change from objective writer?

When Dan Newling walked into Court at Shrien Dewani’s extradition hearing in 2012, witnesses say he immediately looked over to the 3 Dewani family members – Prakash, Preyen and Preyal Dewani – smiled and winked at them.

Here are 2 of his articles on the case:

Naive? Certainly. Dishonest? Possibly. But is Shrien Dewani guilty of murdering his wife? by Dan Newling

Why I believe Shrien Dewani is innocent by Dan Newling


Dan Newling wrote articles to circulate suggestions that Anni Hindocha had been sexually assaulted, despite the official pathologist’s report ruling out such a possibility from the start. He developed incredulous theories around this theme.

This is not dissimilar to the theory that was being pushed by murder accused Shrien Dewani that Anni was not killed by his plan, but instead she may have been targeted for rape and was accidentally killed in a struggle.

Dan Newling’s association with Max Clifford – the proof:

In the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary at about 35 minutes, Vinod Hindocha relates how he was covertly recorded by Preyen Dewani at the offices of Max Clifford, and the following day an article appeared in the newspapers based on that recording.

The article was published on the 23rd Nov 2010, the day after Max Clifford was hired by the Dewani family to represent them in the media; the author was Dan Newling.


The circumstances surrounding the creation of this article show that Newling has been part of the Max Clifford media campaign from the very beginning. It also shows that Newling is willing to distort and misrepresent material with scant regard for truth, and it must call into question all his other writings

from ITN Channel 4 – Dispatches: Murder on Honeymoon (2011)

Here’s a transcript:
Preyen Dewani, Shrien’s brother, asked Anni’s father to go with him to Max Clifford’s office in Mayfair.

Preyen took out his mobile and just kept it on the table and I saw that he was sort of recording something.
He asked me “Do you like your son-in-law?”
“Of course I like him”, I said.
And then there, next I read is, the newspaper headlines, promoted by, definitely by, Max Clifford of course:
“Father-in-law Loves Son-in-law Like His Own Son”

The Dispatches documentary then displays an image of the Daily Mail newspaper article, published on 23rd Nov 2010, only 10 days after the murder; with a heading and sub-heading that reads:
“ Father of shot bride: I Love Shrien like a son
Family fury over slurs’ on murdered bride’s husband ”

And the author of that article was…..Dan Newling

The closing credits of the BBC Panorama program show Dan Newling listed as providing "additional

The closing credits of the BBC Panorama program show Dan Newling listed as providing “additional research”

With Dan Newling’s affiliations to Shrien Dewani and his preconceived published opinions on the case, Panorama was obliged to declare this to viewers. They failed to do so.


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