There are numerous issues in the murder case of Anni on which Jeremy Vine is strangely silent. It’s odd that many of these relate to Shrien Dewani’s own statements, contradictions, forensic impossibilities and questionable actions.

All of this information is in the public domain, yet Panorama failed to include it or present it to their hired experts for comment.

They include

  • Shrien Dewani was accused of fraudulent deception by the Chitwa Chitwa Lodge
    Dewani is alleged to have created a fake travel agent website and written a series of emails to secure a discount on the honeymoon safari lodge. The lodge’s Manager was reported to be seeking legal advice on pursuing the matter. If these allegations are proven true, then it would suggest that Shrien Dewani is capable of planning a crime in a foreign country several weeks ahead.A newspaper report says:”He conned the Chitwa Chitwa lodge at Sabi Sand Game Reserve into charging him R3000 for three nights, instead of the R36000 going rate.Dewani was given the special deal after portraying himself as a “travel consultant” when making the booking five days before checking in on November 9.Dewani co-owns PSP Healthcare, which operates nursing homes in the UK. The firm made the lodge reservation in a series of telephone calls and e-mails. At no time was mention made that he was on honeymoon.

    Instead, Dewani portrayed himself as “an upmarket travel consultant” who wanted to check if the lodge would be suitable for his clients. Giving travel agents reduced rates or allowing them to stay free is standard practice in the tourism industry to lure new business.When approached for comment yesterday, Dewani’s publicist, Max Clifford, initially said: “My client has nothing to do with the travel industry. He never had any business interest in the travel industry.”On learning of the hefty discount, an agitated Clifford said: “We are getting used to the lies coming out of SA on a daily basis. The lodge must enjoy the publicity they are getting out of this story.”

  • The mysterious funding of Mngeni’s trial
    Mngeni changed his plea from guilty to not-guilty and a mysterious man, alleged to be some unknown “Mr Edmondo” from Kenya, a “human rights guy”, was funding his private lawyer.Mngeni’s case was hopeless as he denied being at the scene of Anni’s murder, but his palm and fingerprints were found all over the car.The only benefit of Mngeni changing his plea to not guilty was that his lawyer was able to obtain the prosecution file on the case; a file that could potentially and prematurely assist Shrien Dewani’s lawyers.  See:  Lawyer for accused funded by Kenyan
  • Dan Newling’s ludicrous claims that Anni was sexually assaulted
    Dewani’s PR team were peddling a theory that Anni was not shot by a contract killing but instead, they claimed, shot accidentally in a struggle. Newling’s article was forced to change its headline when he presented his theories of Anni being sexually assaulted. The forensic reports and the experts at the Mngeni trial proved beyond doubt that Anni was not raped or sexually assaulted in any way. See: New Evidence indicates Anni was sexually assaulted
  • The envelope eyewitness
    Jeremy Vine himself spoke in 2012 of an eyewitness he claims to have interviewed who saw Qwabe and Mngeni take an envelope from the carjacked vehicle and run away. But in 2013 Jeremy Vine chose to stay silent, allowing his ‘expert’ claim to stand that there was no knowledge of the whereabouts of the money in the car. See: Dewani Driver Got Cold Feet
  • Dewani claimed he was forced from the window of a moving car
    • In an interview recorded eight days after the murder, Shrien Dewani can be heard telling Nick Parker of The Sun newspaper:
      “I was holding on to her, hanging on to her, and they prised us apart, and they had a gun… held a gun to my head and they said: “either you leave or we’ll shoot you”. They eventually just forced me out of the window. I was resisting ..um.. and holding on to Anni, and they pushed me out of the window.”
    • But in the hand-written police record of the interview from the night of the murder, Shrien is recorded as saying:
      “The one male pulled me out of the car. I tried to pull Anni with me but the other male held her arm. The car then sped off.”
    • Shrien’s brother Preyen Dewani, interviewed by Evening Post 18th Nov 2010 said “… after a struggle they pushed him out of the vehicle as it was driving along…”
    • According to the Daily Mail of 18th Nov 2010 he said: “I resisted, but they eventually forced me out the back of the passenger window. I landed on a patch of sand, landing first on my shoulder and then forehead.”
    • In a second interview with The Sun, published 23rd Nov 2010, he said: “They couldn’t get me out because the child locks were activated – so they ended up dragging me struggling and screaming out of the window.”
    • But acccording to the gunman Mngeni’s recorded interview in Panorama’s beloved police docket and his confession to a prison warden, Qwabe just told Shrien to piss off: “Tss Tss Tss Tss…” and he got out of the car door and walked away.
    • Whether pulled, or pushed, all the various accounts have raised eyebrows, as the rear windows of the VW Sharan allow only a 13 inch (32 cm) gap when fully opened. It is difficult to understand how a man could be pushed or pulled through such a small opening without physical injury and damage to his clothing. Yet the eyewitness who first saw Shrien Dewani, following the alleged hijack, said that his clothing was smart and unruffled, and he showed no obvious marks or bruises (Mail Online, 29th November) These blatant lies from Shrien Dewani were not mentioned at all by Jeremy Vine, who seems to prefer to focus on apparent lies from Dewani’s accusers.  See: Daily mail 24 November 2010
  • Why Dewani cancelled the 96 Winery Road booking
    Dewani had researched a fine restaurant on the internet called 96 Winery Road. He went down to the Cape Grace Hotel reception to enquire about the journey time. He also made a reservation for a table for two. In one statement, Dewani has said he changed his mind because he found the place too formal. In another statement, he has claimed he and Anni were not feeling hungry.So Anni and Shrien were dressed up to go out to a nice dinner on their honeymoon, he researched a fine restaurant and booked a table, but he claims they weren’t hungry when they arrived?

    The far more probable scenario is he realised the fine dinner would take some time to progress through a meal and that might result in an appointment with some carjackers being missed.Jeremy Vine made no mention of Shrien Dewani’s conflicting accounts of why he cancelled 96 Winery Road.”Shrien had booked a table at 96 Winery Road, but when the couple arrived, he says they thought it was too formal. So they decided to head for the more informal Surfside Restaurant, in the Strand. The couple asked Tongo to wait while they took a walk by the sea. By 9.30, they were eating sushi and curry.”See:  IOL December 5, 2010

  • The 20 minute car journey that also lasted 40 minutes
    Dewani has given two differing accounts of how long he was in the vehicle with the carjackers. Jeremy Vine didn’t report this inconsistency. 
  • Was the gun held to his temple or to his ear
    Dewani has given two differing accounts of where a pointed gun was held to him. Jeremy Vine didnt report this inconsistency.  See:  Sky News 16 November 2010
  • The yellow washing up gloves!
    Qwabe, the carjacker who drove the vehicle after Tongo was ejected, was wearing bright yellow rubber washing up gloves during the carjacking. This would have been a memorable sight in a carjacking. But Dewani did not mention this to Police, despite the information being of use to Police to help them trace the culprits faster. Jeremy Vine made no mention of Dewani’s failure to tell Police about the yellow gloves.  See: Daily Mail 27 August 2012
  • Dewani told Police he wont be able to identify carjackers
    Despite claiming he was in the car with them for 40 minutes, he was looked in the eye by one of them, he tried to negotiate with them, he had a gun held to his head, he was pleading with them – Shrien Dewani told Police he would not be able to identify the men. See:  Dewani: I cant identify my wife’s killersDewani simply said in his signed Police statement that one of the killers was “very black”” and had “2 piercings in his right ear.” Photographs prove neither Mngeni nor Qwabe have 2 piercings in their right ear. Dewani lied, presumably because he didnt want Police to find the real carjackers? But Jeremy Vine’s forensic experts failed to identify and report these discrepancies from murder accused Shrien Dewani and his lack of co-operation with police.
  • Dewani paid R14,000 to hotel staff as a tip to have a Christmas Party
    He drew this money out at the hotel using his Mastercard, 4 days after the murder just prior to leaving Cape Town“South African investigators privately question Dewani’s mental state, pointing to contradictory behaviour and citing an unusual attitude to money, such as the fact that Dewani negotiated a 90% discount on the couple’s Kruger Park holiday, yet left 14,000 rand (£1,200) in cash tips for Cape Grace hotel staff.”http://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/mar/02/shrien-dewani-anni-hindocha-murder
  • Inconsistencies and improbabilities in his alleged psychiatric conditions
    Professor M A Simpson is well known for his expertise on PTSD and Depression. He has written several articles questioning the diagnosis claims of Dewani’s doctors. Jeremy Vine made no mention of these articles and questions regarding Dewani’s alleged symptoms, which he is using to avoid extradition to stand trial. See:  Dewani articles by Professor M A Simpson

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